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Feedback matters: Specific, actionable strategies for collecting it in a way that’s helpful and not traumatizing.

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In this 1901 board game, a magnetic spinner allows you to play three versions of the game. The “hand” of fate chooses answers for you; in another, your fortune is revealed from your birthday; and in another, true or false questions are answered by landing on odd or even numbers. NY Historical Society

Indecision and loneliness are the only two things I can be sure are there for me.

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Anxiety made me who I am. It’s made me empathetic to others because anxious people learn to quickly scan faces and body language, to read emotions.

Having an out teacher can significantly affect the school experience for LGBTQ students, yet there are few protections for queer teachers brave enough to be out

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Remember who you are and who you are for

Geologic Time Spiral via Wikimedia Commons

The last commodity for sale to the highest bidder

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When Your Teacher Karma Returns To Haunt You

Shanna Peeples

Newly minted Harvard Ed.L.D. | 2015 National Teacher of the Year | Author: Think Like Socrates | Otter enthusiast

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